Rumors @ Destino, Ibiza 18/09/2016


Prior to going to Ibiza, myself and my holiday accomplice were looking for the ideal second night out – the holiday having been booked around Cocoon the next night.

Given my propensity to party more at the beginning of a holiday, it seemed wisest to do something on the Sunday, and an evening party at Destino, overlooking the Mediterranean was the perfect option.

I’d been here a few years back in its opening season and had been impressed by its relaxed vibe, yet with an appreciation of underground music, good quality sound-system, abundance of toilets, bars, seating, etc.  Not to mention my absolute adoration of dancing outside.

A bit like a grown-up, chilled-out version of Ushuaia, a venue which I immediately determined not to go to, and have stuck to my principles ever since.  Not even Aviici could tempt me.

Rumors is Guy Gerber’s night, one of those that were cancelled by the Fun Police last year for being held in a non Ushuaia-approved venue.  Yeah, I might have a bit of animosity towards them.

We arrived about 6pm, not long after it had opened, and it was quiet.  Not only quiet in people but in volume.  I was initially a tad confused by their not being any DJs on the main stage but they were instead in this much more cosy booth at the back of the venue where a small crowd was congregating.



[Above photographs courtesy of 2 Square Image]

We grabbed a drink and joined in.  I may as well mention drinks prices here – I think a vodka fanta limon was €12 a glass, with water €8 for an odd-shaped bottle.  Forgive me if I am slightly out on the figures as at this point I was not especially watching my spending, but it was certainly healthier on the wallet than the main clubs are.

It was also €20 to get in, but with a free drink.  Many seemed to be getting in free, but without a free drink token so there must have been some other kind of deal too.

Shaun Reeves and Ryan Crosson, previously of Visionquest fame, were in charge of the warm-up, and quite frankly did an excellent job.  I was quite surprised about how minimal they were playing, having not really listened to them in the last couple of years, but it was perfect music for the early time of evening.

A lot of tracks that I’d never heard of – my highlight of the evening, possibly musical highlight of the holiday, was the Emi edit of Colm K’s ‘Basics’ track – a perfect melody as the final strains of daylight disappeared into the distance.  Perfect track for that moment.

Guy Gerber came on for the latter part of the evening – don’t ask me what time as I was happily enjoying myself without really knowing which DJ was on (as it should be?).

Musically it graduated more to techier sounds – I’d like to call it tech-house if that would not give you images of the fist-pumping dullness that tech-house has been associated with of late. But it was good music, easy to dance to, plenty of melody at times. I don’t find Guy Gerber as interesting a DJ as he is a producer (will Timing ever grow old?) but it was certainly enjoyable.


[Not so good image from myself]

Midnight came far too soon and thoughts were heading as to where to take the party to. After one or two, erm, pleasureable dalliances, we headed to Destino’s own club, Tox, assumedly named after the prolific London transport tagger of early to mid 2000’s. Unfortunately the club seemed more of an after-thought, and the music wasn’t especially inspirational so we joined a few crazies in the taxi queue and headed back to the hotel.

The crowd were good value all night, a pleasant mix of Europeans and a scattering of workers – people that seemed to be clued up on their music, with a fair scattering of beautiful people too.

Destino is a fabulous venue. Lots of toilets (all cubicles so none of that urinal bullshit), easy to get a drink from the bar, plenty of space to sit down. I did have a quick check to see how much it would have been to stay at the hotel that particular evening which was €2,000 – eeeek. Yeah maybe not though it was more “affordable” in a way out of my budget kind of way with a bit more notice.

I can easily recommend both this night and the venue to readers – my favourite clubbing adventure for quite some time. 8.4 out of 10. So, so much fun.

I am definitely not to old for evening outdoor clubbing, in a relaxed atmosphere with no twats, warm air and dwindling sunshine. Bring me more.

Next up – Cocoon at Amnesia.


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