Queen’s Yard Summer Party 2019


I thought that it was about time that I came out of retirement and went to some form of party.

Given my growing years, it was always going to be a day party, and when I found an advert for Queen’s Yard Summer Party, I thought I’d grab a couple of mates and head along.

The festival was a multi-venue affair around Hackney – around Queen’s Yard in particular, featuring some uber-cool venues such as Mick’s Garage, Giant Steps, Grow, Bloc and many others – giving us chance to have a little adventure.

It was early May and alas didn’t feel much like a summer party – more a chilly spring party. The weather was often cloudy, quite chilly – but occasional glimpses of sunshine helped.

Musically it was all a bit hit and miss. Maybe we didn’t go to the best venues – missing out on Giant Steps was a pretty glaring misstep on our part.

Some of the DJs were also a bit miss – it is a great concept that local London DJs get an opportunity at such a major event, but there were certainly duds that we saw, in amongst some good talent. Though I didn’t see nearly enough DJs, I think we probably most enjoyed what was going on in The Yard – musically anyway, as the queue for the toilets was long, and for the bar was horrendous – a 45 minute queue definitely took the wind from our sails.

Alas, I left around 10pm when I was tiring from a day of drinking and occasional dancing – having a trek across to north-west London to look forward to.

I liked the premise of the event though I don’t think I took full advantage.

Would I go again next year? Maybe – if I knew enough people going and knew it would be a good, fun knees-up then I’d go.


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