Who are (a few of) these DJs on the Resident Advisor DJ Top 100 Poll?


I like a good poll.  Every year I look at the Resident Advisor DJ poll and find a DJ that I have never heard of.  Last year it was Helena Hauff – I quickly looked for a DJ mix by her and yeah, she’s good.

This year there are 5 DJs that I simply have never, ever heard of.

Mall Grab, Antal, Dax J, Solardo, Palms Trax.

I am clearly not on top of my game any more.  Unless they are not real DJs?

I shall do my research and listen to a mix by them all, though I did listen to a track by Solardo the other day, and lets just say it wasn’t quite my tea of cup.

Many people seem to take each installment to question why their favourite DJ isn’t number 1, or why xyz DJ is number 1, or whatever.  I shall try my hardest to resist.  There are some very pleasant surprises in there – DJ Harvey and Mike Servito both get a mention, Barac and Sonja Moonear, the only two of the five I voted for, both placed respectably.

I still didn’t get into the top 100.  I’m kind of concluding that I will never get there.  I’m not even as good a DJ as Patrick Topping (seriously – wtf?).  Oh yeah I said I wasn’t going to do that.  I just see a guy behind a DJ booth with a palm tree t-shirt in my head.  He might be very good.

Solid techno features quite heavily – Chris Liebing, Slam, Len Faki, Jeff Mills, Marcel Dettmann.  Laurent Garnier – so high up in 27th, I had unfairly tried to forget about him having heard Man With A Red Face 1,576 times.  A few of the Romanians feature which is good to see – for me personally the most exciting scene.

I do think the Resident Advisor DJ poll is a credible outlook on the most popular names, and sometimes most respected DJs in the more underground half of 4/4 dance music.  It often surprises me pleasantly who other people have voted for.

And then you get to the top 20 which is mostly big names.  Some are interesting to see in there like The Black Madonna at number 10 – where did that come from?  Nice to see someone can get away with Nitzer Ebb without clearing the dancefloor like your writer here.

And then, surprise surprise, Dixon at number 1.

Why?  What am I missing?

Fine, I’ve never been to see him.  Well, I probably did in my prime, in fact I remember seeing him at The Roundhouse after some obscure early 20th century horror movie – great event that was.  His music is nice.  It’s polite, calm and I can listen to it.  It isn’t like sat in my old office listening to the same 20 pop songs on repeat every day doing my head in even though I couldn’t hear it as I had noise cancelling earphones in (I can only assume Spotify have only one playlist).

I just find Dixon’s music non-interesting.  Pleasant enough but not inspiring.  I don’t get it.  Can anyone explain?

Maybe it is good that I don’t understand.

Maybe I am just getting too old for DJ charts.  Ahh Friday night and I am sat inside writing about DJ polls.  It’s definitely a sign.


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