Unleash @ The Loft Studios 27/11/2015


Sometimes a line-up is just too tempting, and despite there being several reasons why a person of normal judgement would decline, those of us who live for those delightful dancefloor moments just cannot resist.


And so it proved – I didn’t have the budget for it, I had a work Christmas dinner first and developed manflu on the day. Not to mention a large study backlog and starting to worry about not having bought a single Christmas present.

Countering that was a long-held desire to go to the Loft Studios, along with repeated listens to a fantastic DJ set from Julian Perez earlier this year – one of my favourite DJ sets and I listen to so many every week. I’m a big fan of Bella Sarris and really wanted to see her too.

Not to mention my best friend has a certain persuasive ability…and became Santa in disguise.

After walking in random directions and giving up on my upside-down satnav, we eventually located the Loft Studios on the edge of an industrial area in north-west London (who knew north-west London had industry – I thought it was all like Maida Vale and Little Venice?). Entrance was hassle-free, the cloakroom queue equally efficient and we were soon ready to go.

It didn’t take me long to settle in. The Loft Studios are split into a basement and a…loft. With a courtyard in the middle. You are going to have to excuse my memory somewhat from here as I did imbibe a fair few drinks beforehand so the night did tend to a blur, but a very fun blur at that.

Very much my kind of place with two dancefloors that I equally felt at home in, perhaps slightly favouring the atmosphere of the loft. There was a slightly hand-made ethos, a kind of feel that it has accidentally ended up a nightclub, as opposed to specifically being planned as such.

The toilets kind of reminded me of school toilets, clean enough and thankfully free of someone telling me to freshen up – there was occasionally a small queue but nothing out of the ordinary – the whole place was well run. I never queued at the bar though it was a little pricey – £7 for a single vodka lemonade and £3 for a bottle of water.

Generally it was a good crowd. As good as you can get on a Friday evening in London, anyway. Only a few idiots, still a few tourists…although one guy had the temerity to ask me how much I paid for the girl I was dancing with (my best friend)…I wasn’t quite sure whether to be more offended for me or for her…seriously? Quite a lot of Spanish and Italians too – I do like a good mix of cultures on the dancefloor.

Musically though I did feel that it lacked something.

I decided that I was going to try to ignore who was on where and when, and just go with the flow – follow my feet instead of slavishly follow DJ heroes, but I’m not sure my plan worked. Although the music was always good, I never wanted to stop dancing – but I was never captivated either. We did tend to change rooms quite regularly…that itch that there might be something better in the other room never went away.

There was a lot of the standard tech-house affair that is everywhere – I was hoping for something possibly a little more challenging, a little more imagination. I don’t want this to take away from the fact that good music was played all night but there was just a little something missing.


There was a good Funktion One sound-system supplied – the lights were fairly basic although in one room they were occasionally painfully bright – I think it was the basement room. I am sure I can still see those bright lights now.

Overall I had a really good time. It finished far too early at 6am – I could easily have carried on for hours longer, such was the amount of fun the night was.

I absolutely love the Loft Studios. I will definitely be going back there again. It’s my second Unleash event – it was better than the last one of theirs that I attended but I’m far from a devoted follower. I would not be surprised if I attended a third.

I like rating things nearly as much as I like clubbing and I’m going to give the night 7.4 out of 10.  And I am still not too old for clubbing, even on a Friday night after a long week at work.

And it was unusually straight-forward to get back home.


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